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The philosophy that guides us is that of good food understood as hospitality, respect for nature and for its fruits, environmental sustainability, research and innovation on taste always starting from the territorial raw material.

We sit at the table with you, we confidently give you the food we give to our daughter, just like we would do with a special friend invited home ... and wish you a good meal!

Moreover it is possible to appreciate the surrounding green spaces through special nature trails.

chiostro camere

In 2010, the natural and consequential agritourism activity started, with 100 seats - in the closed - and a large green area of competence.

In 2016 the 20 rooms are opened for 40 beds.

And the following year the swimming pool is inaugurated.


Thus the ancient MASSERIA STALI was reborn in Caprarica di Lecce, restored with passion and respect for rural architecture.
On the territory it constitutes a valid example of a multifunctional agritourism company.

piscina stali

Surrounded by the countryside, the Masseria Stali is also the ideal place to host parties of all kinds.
Upon arrival you are surrounded by the fragrance of pizzas and durum wheat and spelled bread, baked in the oven at
wood, to be accompanied with original starters, especially with vegetables. There is no shortage of recipes
fanciful that marry the products of the sea with those of the earth.
Ingredients are used at Km 0, strictly seasonal, many of which are grown in
company. (also for sale in the company store).
The exclusive use of farm and local products guarantees a healthy and genuine cuisine in the
respect for the flavors of the Salento tradition.

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