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UscitaOlio exmeraldo




Extra-virgin olive oil is a precious gift from Nature, one of the purest and simplest.

This is why we call our Natura olive oil. It is produced in a short chain, that is, entirely in our farm (harvesting, processing, storage, bottling, marketing) with minimal human intervention, it comes from fresh and healthy olives grown according to the biological method and processed on the day of harvesting.

The result is a pure, genuine and fruity taste. A mix given by the sun, the land and the traditions, characteristic of the varieties of native olives of the famous area of Puglia, the Salento.

raccolta olive
Olio novello
Didattica pane

Masseria Stali is also Educational Farmhouse.

Conceived in architecture and in substance with a view to transparency, it naturally lends itself to being the venue for training and educational meetings.


The places of production and transformation are fully accessible and can be visited. 

The products are sold in the company shop.

It is also possible to order online by contacting us by phone  or e-mail.

We will be glad to answer.

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